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About us

About Us

Enda O’ Malley & Associates can provide full design and management of your building project. We provide full Architectural and Multi-Disciplinary Services giving simplicity with one point of contact. Whether you are building your new home, commercial premises or expanding current premises we can create, develop & improve your living environment.

We have developed strategic partnerships to enable us to provide the necessary expertise you require to ensure your project is completed within time and budget. We can,

  • Prepare preliminary designs
  • Obtain planning permission
  • Develop cost plans ensuring compliance with your budget
  • Prepare detailed design drawings & specifications
  • Carry out feasibility studies and make recommendations on heating systems to suit your needs
  • Project Supervisor Design Phase (required under Safety & Health Regulations)
  • Procure Contractors and ensure competent contractors are appointed
  • Set up client & contractor contracts with terms and conditions
  • Ensure your building is completed with proper materials, good workmanship and in compliance with Building Regulations
  • Ensure the contractor only gets paid for work completed in accordance with the contract
  • Certification on Completion.

We can provide full design team services to include;

Architectural, Structural Engineers, Building Surveyors, Land Surveyors, Project Management & Building Certification.

Our goal is to ensure excellence in building. We give seminars on compliance with the Construction Products Legislation to ensure the correct products are used. With our expertise in the defective block issue we understand the importance of using the right materials which are fit for purpose.

We can compile packages tailored to suit your requirements with flexible payment solutions.